Clinton Sailing Club

LaserPerformance Z420

The LaserPerformance Z420 is the modern version of the classic C420 collegiate racer. Engineering advances have reduced hull weight by 50lbs while making the hull 40% stiffer – and performance levels have jumped off the charts. Designed in collaboration with top college coaches, the Z420 is the future of youth racing.

CSC’s six Flying Juniors (FJs) are fun, fast boats for our older kids and intermediate students. They are also more than 30 years old, constantly need repairs, and slowly take on water. Moving to Z420s would modernize our fleet, plus kickstart a Morgan School club racing team to complete locally. Help CSC build our Z420 fleet today!

LaserPerformance Z420 price: $4,500 (used)
Fleet price (6): $27,000 (used)