Clinton Sailing Club

Defender 470

The Defender 470 is a 15’5″ inflatable coaching boat. Made of commercial-grade Hypalon – a material much tougher than standard PVC – the 470 comes with an aluminum floor for durability. CSC will mount center consoles & jockey seats plus Tohatsu 20hp, electric-start, power-tilt outboards to make these into the ultimate coaching machines!

CSC currently uses two vintage Achilles inflatable coaching boats. We purchased the first used for $1,800 (including trailer & outboard), and the second was donated (thank you Tim & Kim Buckley!) These boats are excellent coaching platforms, but over 25 years old and require constant repairs to keep them running.

In summer 2018, we will be launching “Duck”, our “new” (well, gently used) Defender 470. Our goal is to purchase two additional 470s so that we can have two on the water and one for backup at all times. Help CSC build our new coaching boat fleet today!

Defender 470 price: $7,000
Fleet price (2): $14,000