Clinton Sailing Club

Lorie Eadie – Treasurer

Lorie started sailing at age 10 with a friend. Because Lorie was such a strong swimmer, her friend’s dad was happier if she was on the 13′ O’Day Sprite with his daughter. So they taught her to sail!

Lorie sailed with her friend through her teens. College, marriage, and three active daughters until she and her husband Ed became empty nesters! Then Lorie and Ed –who also sailed with friends as a teen – decided to get back into sailing with an old 26′ Pearson.

Daughters started getting married and grandkids started arriving, so Lorie and Ed “needed” a bigger boat and currently have a 30′ Pearson! This summer their oldest grandchild is old enough to start her sailing lessons with Clinton Sailing Club!

(Editor’s note: Lorie is also a notorious pirate. AVAST, YE SWABS! ARRGGGHHHH!!)