Clinton Sailing Club

CSC Staff

CSC’s Staff make our program possible! Working with students, parents, volunteers, and the CSC Board, our staff instructs students – manages our sailing fleet – maintains and repairs our coaching boats – and makes sure everyone stays safe, learns a lot, and has fun. Our team is always learning and growing, and they will teach you how to sail in style!

CSC is also fortunate to have a talented crew of Junior Instructors onboard! Junior Instructors volunteer their time to help teach kids and adults how to sail. They work hard and play even harder, and allow CSC to offer a very high instructor to student ratio. We always have at least 1 Instructor for every 3 students; sometimes it’s even 1 to 2! This approach allows us to focus on safety, learning, and fun.

  • Caleb Adams-Hull
  • Rebecca Barnikow
  • Clara Franzoni
  • Casey Marsh
  • Drew Marzano
  • Jane Merkle-Scotland
  • Kylie Scarpellino
  • Fernando Serrano
  • Tatiana Serrano
  • Max Skidmore
  • Ava Varano
  • Ella Varano
  • Julia Walker